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Pointing the way to evidence-based care®

Today there are more treatment choices than you may expect for your patients or clients with alcohol use disorder (AUD). High quality AUD treatment is backed by science and offered at different levels of intensity, in a variety of settings, to meet individual needs. 

The NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator will help you find healthcare providers and programs in your area that offer evidence-based care for AUD. There are two ways to use the Navigator

  • Your practice can use it to build or expand your referral list of providers and programs offering up-to-date medical and behavioral treatments for AUD.
  • You can share it directly with patients, clients, or their loved ones who are interested and able to search on their own.

Here’s what primary care providers are saying about the Navigator:

  • It takes the guesswork out of finding resources and makes the search process easier. – Physician assistant
  • It gives a framework for the approach to take with the next patient in need. – Internal medicine physician
  • It can put some of the power and decision making into the hands of the patient and family. – Nurse practitioner

Feel better equipped to make recommendations and referrals for patients or clients with AUD, with  the Navigator as your guide.


How to use the Navigator

Learn about the Navigator’s strategies and tools for finding quality care for AUD.

Treatment Options Chart

Track details you learn about providers and narrow your choices to the best options.

Referral Sheet Template

Organize and print your new list of the referral resources you found.

Clinical Guides

See background on alcohol screening and brief intervention for adults and youth.


Handouts and flyers about the Navigator

Tell your patients or clients and their loved ones about the Navigator.

Handouts and flyers about the Navigator thumbnail

Handout or flyer—8.5 x 11” (1 page)

These describe how the Navigator can help people to recognize and find quality alcohol treatment that meets their needs.


Handouts postcard thumbnail

Handouts—postcard size (4 per page)

These provide brief messages to encourage people to visit the Navigator.

Infographic thumbnail

Infographic (1 page)

Different people need different treatment options. This illustrates four sample treatment paths for people with varied levels of AUD severity.

Toolkit with Online Worksheets

Consider providing the Navigator Toolkit to those ready to search themselves.

Navigator Toolkit thumbnail

Navigator Toolkit (7 pages)

The toolkit offers strategies and worksheets to guide and organize the search for quality treatment.

Rethinking Drinking Website and Booklet

Rethinking Drinking can be especially helpful for those who are drinking heavily and do not yet need treatment or will not yet accept a referral.