What to Know About Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a health condition that is best assessed and treated by a health professional. In this section, learn more about AUD, the professional treatment options available, and why different people may take different routes to recovery.

Woman sitting at a table, staring into space, with drink in hand and bottle of alcohol next to her

What is alcohol use disorder (AUD)?

A health condition that can improve with treatment.

Female health care provider sitting at a desk, talking seriously with a person

What types of alcohol treatments are available?

More options available today than you may expect.

Woman drinking from a mug and looking intently at something with man peering over her shoulder

Why do different people need different options?

One size doesn’t fit all. An assessment will guide you.

Someone writing information down on paper

What about costs and insurance?

The most expensive option is not always the best.