NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator® Toolkit

Pointing the way to evidence-based care®

You will learn a lot as you make your way through the Navigator’s 3-step “Search-Ask-Choose” process.  This toolkit can help you organize the many details you will gather and make the best choice for your situation.

Download individual worksheets

For Step 1—SEARCH trusted sources to find providers.

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Choices Chart [Worksheet 1]. Collect names and contact information for providers you find through your search.

For Step 2—ASK 10 recommended questions.

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Notes Page [Worksheet 2]. Before talking to providers, jot down a few notes about health insurance, past treatment history, and individual needs and preferences.

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10 Questions to Ask Providers [Worksheet 3]. When talking to providers, use this worksheet to stay on track as you ask recommended questions and capture the answers.

For Step 3—CHOOSE quality care.

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Choices Chart [Worksheet 1 again]. Fill in what you learned from your calls with providers. See how the options compare in signs of quality. This can help you make the best choice for your situation.