How to Find Quality Alcohol Treatment

Pointing the way to evidence-based care®

The search for alcohol treatment can feel overwhelming. The Navigator’s 3-step “road map” offers expert guidance to focus and support your efforts. We’ll help you learn how to find higher-quality, science-backed care that can raise your chances for success.

Step 1

SEARCH trusted sources to find providers.

Thousands of providers nationwide offer evidence-based treatment for alcohol use disorder. Where do you begin? We’ll show you how to search trusted directories for specialists near you.

A women talking with her doctor

Step 2

ASK 10 recommended questions.

How can you tell if the providers you find offer higher-quality care that will meet your needs? We share both what questions to ask and how to listen for quality in the answers.

female on the phone

Step 3

CHOOSE quality care.

Once you have interviewed the providers you found, how do you choose? Here we recap five top signs of quality. We also offer a way to compare your options and see which one is best.

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The Navigator can help you through a difficult and important decision, pointing the way to a healthy future.