Caretaker Support Resources

Just as the needs of each person with alcohol use disorder are different, each family’s needs are also different. Several resources are available to help you while your loved one is in treatment, and afterwards.

  • Family therapy—often offered as part of a patient’s treatment. If you need more support, the Navigator can help. Search for a licensed therapist who offers addiction treatment and family therapy.
  • Al-Anon—peer-led mutual support groups for family members and others affected by a person’s drinking. Meetings focus on the 12 steps (adapted from AA), and sharing personal experience. Visit Al-Anon to learn more and to find nearby meetings. Alateen is also available for teens and younger family members.
  • SMART Recovery for Family and Friends—a research-based support program that focuses on building skills needed to support recovery. Visit SMART Recovery to learn more and to find an in-person or online support meeting.