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Search for Addiction Therapists

Pointing the way to evidence-based care®

A variety of therapists offer counseling for alcohol use disorder (AUD) and related issues. We'll show you how to search the Psychology Today directory, the largest listing in the United States of licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and other therapists. In the sections below, we'll explain how to find one that meets your needs. Use our search tips to search for addiction therapists near you.

What do addiction therapists do?

Most therapists offer one-on-one or family counseling to people with alcohol, drug, or mental health problems. Therapists often work in a solo practice, but some may work in small group practices or health care centers. Treatment is usually on an outpatient basis—a one-hour session, one or more times per week.

How can I spot quality?

The Psychology Today directory includes many thousands of therapists. Most of them have been “verified” by Psychology Today. This means that they have at least a Master’s degree and a current license to practice in their state. These are signs of quality.  

Therapists who have been verified by Psychology Today will have the following symbols:

  • Results page: Psychology Today logo
  • Individual profile page:Verified by Psychology Today

Be sure to choose a therapist who has been verified.

What questions should I ask?

After you’ve done your search and found some options, call to learn more about their approach to treating AUD. The Navigator® offers 10 recommended questions for addiction therapists — and provides the answers to listen for. These will help you learn whether a provider offers higher-quality treatment and is a good fit for your situation.

Read the 10 Questions to Ask Addiction Therapists.

Tips to help you search

We've created step-by-step search tips to guide you as you use the Psychology Today directory. These tips will help you search for therapists near you who have the credentials and experience to treat AUD.

What if I can’t find an addiction therapist nearby?

See the Frequently Asked Questions for helpful suggestions.

Also, be sure to look for the other types of treatment providers—specialty alcohol treatment programs and board-certified addiction doctors.

NIAAA cannot endorse any treatment providers nor be responsible for the options ultimately chosen. The NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator® cannot ensure that the search process will deliver higher-quality treatment providers in your vicinity who are using evidence-based approaches. In addition, the search tools on the Navigator may not capture every possible higher-quality treatment provider in your vicinity. For any addiction therapist you are considering, be sure to ask the 10 recommended questions, and use the answers to check for five signs of higher-quality care.