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Thousands of medical doctors in the United States are board-certified in addiction medicine, through the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM), or in addiction psychiatry, through the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). Both groups represent physicians with the highest level of expertise in addiction medicine.

We’ll link you to the two directories of these specialists. Because there are relatively few of these experts in any part of the country, we recommend that you search both directories. Use our search tips to search for addiction doctors near you.

What do addiction doctors do?

Doctors who specialize in addiction medicine can provide a complete medical exam and diagnosis, offer brief counseling, prescribe medications, and supervise a treatment plan. Addiction psychiatrists can also provide outpatient therapy (counseling) and address mental health issues. Addiction doctors may provide treatment in a private practice office, health clinic, or hospital.

How can I spot quality?

Doctors who are board-certified in addiction medicine (by ABAM) or addiction psychiatry (by ABPN) have the highest level of expertise in the treatment of addiction. Below, you can search the directories of doctors who have these credentials.

What questions should I ask?

If a doctor is board-certified in addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry, you can be assured that he or she has the latest training in addiction treatment. You might want to ask an addiction doctor a few additional questions.

Questions to ask addiction doctors.

Tips to help you search

There are two directories you can search to find board-certified addiction doctors near you. We recommend that you search both directories.

The ABAM directory lists physicians who are board-certified in addiction medicine. Many of these physicians are primary care doctors.

The ABPN directory lists psychiatrists who are board-certified in addiction psychiatry. These physicians specialize in mental health.

We've created step-by-step Search Tips [PDF-422 KB] to guide you as you use these directories to search for addiction doctors near you. 

What if I can’t find an addiction doctor nearby?   

See the Frequently Asked Questions for helpful suggestions.

Also, be sure to look for the other types of treatment providers—addiction therapists and specialty alcohol treatment programs.

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